Beach Volunteers

Beach volunteers

Tackling marine and coastal litter and pollution is one of the top priorities for the Moray Firth Partnership. To help us we’re working with the Marine Conservation Society and the four other Coastal Partnerships; Marine Scotland; Keep Scotland Beautiful; the Highland Environment Forum marine litter group; Sky Watch; and KIMO’s Fishing for Litter campaign.

With nearly 80 % of litter originating on land we’re all responsible, so help us to clean up our act!


All around the Moray Firth there’s opportunities to help groups with their beach litter cleans, or simply to pick up as you go.

We encourage all volunteers to follow the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) Beachwatch method and making a note of the type of litter that you find for a 100 metre stretch of your clean.

Using the Beachwatch method means that all the information gathered becomes part of a valuable data set that shows what the litter is, and where the priorities for action lie. The MCS Great British Beach Clean report for 2017, gives a breakdown of what volunteers collected.

As a result of 20 years of data gathering MCS have been able to see that legislation can rapidly have a positive impact, with the 5p charge for plastic bags resulting in a 40% drop in the number appearing in beach cleans.


Get in touch

You can find out more about how to get involved by emailing your interest in helping around the Moray Firth to

We can help with promoting beach cleans if you send details to us by email, or post them directly to our facebook page.


Clean up groups

Register for Beachwatch with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS)


Join other MCS marine rubbish campaigns or campaigns run by other organisations including:

Fidra – The Great Nurdle Hunt and the Cotton Bud Pledge

KIMO Fishing for Litter and Pick Up 3 Pieces

Surfers Against Sewage

2 minute beach clean