MFCP and SCRAPbook

MFCP and SCRAPbook

The Scottish-wide ‘SCRAPbook’ – Scottish Coastal Rubbish Aerial Photography –  involves pilots and observers taking to the skies to photograph areas of the coastline where they spot litter or pollution.  This concept, first devised by the Moray Firth Partnership, has developed into a national collaboration with Sky Watch Civil Air Patrol.

Sky Watch pilots fly Scotland’s mainland coastline taking photographs of litter on the coastline. These have been classified by volunteers on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the worst) and uploaded to the online map (pictured above).

The map can be used by anyone from individuals, a group of friends, local communities and businesses to a kayak club that can help get to those hard to reach areas. Schools, groups, water sports clubs and councils are all being urged to use the website to find out where the worst affected areas are, and where efforts need to be focused.

Check out the SCRAPbook website to find the litter hotspots near you.

Go to our Get Involved page for some tips on organising a coastal clean up