Business & Work Plan 2012-13

The Moray Firth Partnership business plan and work programme for 2012/13 shows our key objectives and wide-ranging activities for the coming year.  The plan also includes information about past work and links to other stakeholder organisation priorities.   Key activities will include:

  • Work in liaison with Marine Scotland, terrestrial planners and other stakeholders to help progress Marine and Coastal Planning, National Marine Plan implementation etc.

  • Develop a second stage MF Interactions Matrix with more detailed spatial and temporal information

  • Work with the MF SAC management group to develop additional guidance for developers in the inner firth SAC area, focusing on six priority issues.

  • Start the Wildlife SMarT project and extend the Moray Firth Dolphin Space Programme initiative round the east coast of Scotland.

  • Work with other organisations to develop a Moray Firth Seafood Trail and promote local availability of seafood possibly as part of an integrated wider east / north coast initiative

  • Review local authority Structure and Local Development Plans and policies affecting coastal areas and interests.   

  • Continue to compile data on activities and events affecting the Moray Firth, including licence applications, consents etc issued by regulatory or licensing bodies.

  • Provide assistance to ensure comprehensive community consultations regarding development proposals.  

  • Continue support of the Dolphin Space Prog. Steering Group, SAC Management Group, etc.

  • Complete the Moray Firth Gansey Project and ensure continuing legacy and area benefits.

  • Complete  Engaging with Young People and Communities project and update Youth Zone pages on the MFP website  

  • Organise  beach cleans, focusing on areas where tidal action causes “litter drop” points.

  • Develop ideas for a larger-scale 3 year ICZM project starting in 2013/14.