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Beach Guardians: Keep it Clean. Keep it Safe.

Did you know

  • over half the litter found on our beaches is plastic – and a lot of it is crisp packets and plastic bottles?
  • it can take 500 years for a plastic bag to decompose? 
  • 40% of all the litter found on beaches has been dropped by beach visitors? 
  • Litter can hang around in the environment for years and years, harming – or even killing - wildlife such as seabirds, dolphins and seals. On average, there are about 2000 pieces of litter per kilometre on beaches.  And all this litter makes visiting the beach less enjoyable – or even dangerous – for people as well as wildlife.  If you would like further information about becoming involved please email   

But you can make a difference.
You can help make your local beach a cleaner, safer place for wildlife, local people and tourists by becoming a Beach Guardian, on your own or as part of a local group.

  • Results of beach cleans and surveys
  • How you can take part in a beach clean or Adopt-a-Beach in your community
  • Getting your school involved in Beach Guardians, receive a school pack or special workshop

Funders of Beach Guardians included:


plus in-kind support from the Big Picture, Marine Conservation Society and Highland Council.

Getting involved in surveying and clearing litter from your local beach will make a big difference for wildlife and people visiting the beach, create links between local communities and public agencies involved in beaches – and also be great fun!

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Beach Guardians