Marine and Coastal Litter

Marine and Coastal Litter and Pollution

We are increasingly aware of the damage caused by litter on our coasts and in our seas. It looks unsightly, but worse, it can be extremely harmful to marine wildlife. Plastic waste is picked up by the ocean’s filter feeders, mistakenly eaten by seabirds and fish, and can cause death through entanglement for many marine creatures.

‘The Scale of the Problem’ webpage  has more facts and figures on marine litter.

But there is positive action you can take: you can reduce your use of plastics, and get involved with helping with the clean up.

The Scottish-wide ‘SCRAPbook’ uses aerial photography to show where there is litter along our shores, and you can help us to find the litter hotspots and to see what types of litter lie along the strandline.

Take a look at the launch of the SCRAPbook by Scottish Government Environment Minister, Roseanna Cunningham.

See more detail on the Scrapbook website.

There are a number of  local groups running  beach clean events, or you could make litter picking part of every beach outing. Find out more on our Beach Volunteers webpage.

Image credit: KIMO