The Strategic Group

In 2006, the Moray Firth Partnership (MFP) set up a Moray Firth Strategic Group, comprising high ranking individuals from a range of organisations and key stakeholders, chosen for their particular and significant expertise in subject areas relevant to the integrated management of the Moray Firth.

The Strategic Group has two functions. The first is to provide a forum within which to develop a vision for the Moray Firth area and to advise on actions to achieve the vision. The second function, which falls out of the first, is to provide a more strategic framework for the activities of MFP itself. This involves advising on strategic priorities and emerging areas and issues that the Partnership should address.  The vision statement can be viewed here 2030 A Vision for the Moray Firth

The Strategic Group draws on the expertise of advisors made of senior representatives from Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, Environmental Research Institute, Scottish Parliament, The Highland Council, SCVO, VisitScotland and Fisheries Management Consultancy. It sets the broad strategic direction for the Partnership and identifies the key current and upcoming issues to be addressed. 

The Group is scheduled to reconvene in late 2010 / early 2011 to consider the issues arising from the marine Scotland Act and its strategic relevance for the Moray Firth.