Portsoy Harbour

Portsoy Harbour

Sir Patrick Ogilvie the 8th Earl of Boyndie, decided that the old harbour should be built and it was completed in 1693. It is now the home for the Scottish traditional small boats group and the venue for the Annual Festival.

The new harbour was constructed in 1825 due to ever increasing demand from the herring fishing fleet.

Locally quarried Portsoy Marble was used for two chimney-pieces in the Palace of Versailles and the workshop by the Harbour is open to visitors to this picturesque town which has won several awards for skilful restoration of many of its properties.

The original harbour, has taken on a new role as the venue for the annual traditional boat festival held every summer.

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PhotographHarbour Image
Latitude / Longitude57° 41' N/Longitude:02° 41 W
Harbourmaster ContactJames Henderson, Harbour Office, Quayside, Banff
High Tide VariationThe new harbour dries out at low water springs and access to the sea is impossible for most parts at low tide.
DepthsThe new harbour dries out at low water springs and access to the sea is impossible from most parts at low tide. During neap tides movement by shallow drafted boats is possible at most times. Contact the harbour master for advice.
Principal UseLeisure and fishing (creel boats for lobster and crab)
Harbour SizeThe harbour extends to 3,800 sq. metres with 200 metres of quay and is protected from the north-west gales by the headland and north pier. The new harbour though more exposed is the larger and berths up to 30 boats. A slipway is available at the east end of this basin.
MooringsNew harbour 30 moorings
Visitor MooringsAvailable, contact the harbour master.
Facilities Water
Email Address
Telephone01261 815544 mob 07770 646115
Website http://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/harbours/areas/portsoy.asp