Management Guidelines and Action Programme

In September 1999 the Moray Firth Partnership launched a ground-breaking new document titled 'Management Guidelines and an Action Programme for the Moray Firth'. Pulling together a wealth of valuable material produced by MFP members, the Management Guidelines lay out foundations on which the Partnership believes management of the Moray Firth should be guided. The Action Programme is a timed set of tasks to help achieve the Guidelines. The Moray Firth Management Guidelines and Action Programme were developed through a collaborative process, involving a range of Topic Groups, conferences, workshops and widespread public consultation. Many organisations and individuals took part in the process.

Development of the guidelines and action programme informed much of the partnership’s initial and ongoing work on ICZM and helped to forge strong links and shared targets with a wide range of stakeholder organisations.  The Action Programme was reviewed in 2006.  The document can be viewed in the Our Publications section.