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This is is a temporary page while we build up a host of ideas, resources and links to help you with topics related to the beaches and coastline of the Moray Firth. If you have any ideas you would like us to add to these web pages please contact the Moray Firth Partnership at





Meanwhile, here are a few links to get you started.


  • Quiz/evaluation sheets for pupils at the begining and end of project work


  • Have a look at the activity ideas from Seashore section of "School's Out!" if you are planning a trip to your local beach.
  • If you would like to borrow some eye-catching banners showing wonderful images of the magical life "Under The Sea" please contact the Moray Firth Partnership on 01463 225530. They would make a wonderful addition to any school - outside or inside. 
  • If you are thinking of carrying out a Beach Clean this is a sample RISK ASSESSMENT for you to use if you think it would help.


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