The Board

The Board can have up to ten directors who manage the company affairs. The Partnership's current Directors are:-

Carol Barbone


Bill Ruck
(Vice chair)


Alex Yelland


Graham Grant


Ben Leyshon 

   Bill Wright Bill Wright 
 James (Jim) Mackie

James Mackie


Election of Directors
There can be up to ten directors, including the Chair. All directors are voluntary and unpaid. Directors are selected on the basis of the experience they can bring to the board, and not as representatives of any particular interest group, employer or nominating body.  One third of the directors are required to stand down annually at the Annual General Meeting, but may stand again for re-election.

Nominating someone as a Director
Details of how to apply or to nominate someone as a director are sent out with the Notice calling each annual general meeting, or can be obtained at any time from the Partnership Manager.  The MFP welcomes applications from any interested individuals. Applicants must be, or become a member of the Partnership.

The Chair
The Chair is elected annually by the Board of Directors at their first meeting following the Annual General Meeting.