Community Grant Scheme 2006

Thirteen community and school projects around the Moray Firth coast received a total of £10,000 from the 2006 MFP Community Grants Scheme. Scottish Natural Heritage provided the funding for this year’s Grants scheme. The money was paid up front to allow projects to get off the ground, with the Groups then have until 31 January 2007 to complete.

Projects supported under the 2006 Scheme:

CGS06/001 Friends of the Moray Firth Dolphins
Moray Firth Cetacean Workshops: Report (195kb pdf), photo montage 01 (286kb jpeg) and photo montage 02 (260kb jpeg).

CGS06/002 Caithness Countryside Volunteers
Moray Firth Seabird Workshop and Visit: Report page 1 (45kb pdf), page 2 (427kb pdf), page 3 (1MB pdf)

CGS06/003 Sandhaven & Pitullie Harbour Trust
The provision of safety features at Sandhaven & Pitullie Harbour: Final Report page 1 (pdf) page 2 (pdf) .

CGS06/004 Rosemarkie Amenities Association
An interpretaion panel as part of the Rosemarkie Beach Refurbishment project. Cairn and panel in place.

CGS06/005 Nairn Sailing Club
The provision of dinghy sailing at Nairn beach. The Club purchased a Laser 2 dinghy to promote sailing to young people and for club training. The Club was also able to train volunteers by inviting a RYA trainer to come to Nairn.

CGS06/008 Workers Educational Association
Exploring Your Past: archaeological fieldtrips around the Moray Firth Coast Report (64kb pdf). Leaflet page 1 (891kb pdf), page 2 (948kb pdf).

CGS06/010 Wick Society
Refurbishment to the inside of the Old Herring Mart at Wick. The project has been a huge success and has generated much local support. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures really show how much has been achieved, which will attract more visitors and school groups.

CGS06/012 Moray Inshore Rescue Organisation
The purchase of a Moray Firth Inshore Rescue Boat. The inshore rescue boat is now fully operational and was formally launched in August 2006. During summer 2006 it was called out 8 times and thorughout the winter months members have continued training. Press release (14kb pdf) and launch photo (121kb jpeg).

CGS06/013 Scottish Traditional Boat Festival
Reproduction of the Spey Coracle and Fish Wifes Creel. The Spey coracle was successfully completed. Final report (38kb pdf) and photograph (276kb jpeg).

CGS06/015 Rosebank Recreation Revival Group
A marine and coastal themed mural.  Photograph (135kb jpeg)

CGS06/018 Cromarty 2007
‘Under the Surface' exhibition.  Progress report (77kb pdf)

Ardersier & Petty Community Council
The Ardersier Environmental Improvements Phase II Regretfully this project failed to progress due to technical difficulties. It is hoped that the Community Council will be able to undertake this project in the future but under the regulations of the Scheme, the grant had to refunded.

Dolphin Space Programme
Dolphin Space Programme Interpretation and Training. The 'Guide to the Wildlife and Environment of the Moray Firth' training material developed through this project has been very well received. Final report (32kb pdf).

WDCS Wildlife Centre / DSP
Dolphin Interpretation Box: A new interpretive resource containing artefacts such as replica bottlenose dolphin skull, replica seal skull, whale baleen, cetacean and shark teeth, jars of prey items, models of wildlife species, animal puppets, sound recordings and interactive games and puzzles.