Community Grant Scheme 2005

The 2005 MFP Community Grants Scheme ran from March 2005 to January 2006. All twelve projects completed and submitted final reports and pictures. The total grant expended, provided by our sponsors Scottish Natural Heritage was £8394 with the total value of these projects, including funding from other sources, worth around £75,000.

Project Report Summaries

CGS2005/01 The Kyle of Sutherland Heritage
The Moray Firth Art Action project provided the resources required to encourage local and wider interest. Provided more picture rails to increase hanging space, purchased a large screed for public projection and undertook workshops throughout the year.

CGS2005/03 Moray Sea Cadets
Findhorn Waterside Project – ground leased from Findhorn Boatyard was cleared, security fencing erected around the site and a caravan purchased to provide a training office at the waterside. With the grant monies the caravan was equipped and signage and publicity material produced to raise awareness of the Cadets.

CGS2005/05 Royal Findhorn Yacht Club
Disabled/easy access pontoons were constructed at Findhorn Pier. A photographic file of all the stages of the work has been compiled. Due to planning permission problems the project was a little behind schedule but these difficulties were overcome and the project completed in March.

CGS2005/06 Timespan
This project aimed to refurbish a donated "Fifie" boat. Grant monies were used to purchase paints and materials for refurbishment and for payment of transportation of the boat by crane and lowloader. There has been great community involvement in the Harbour Project with other development ideas coming forward.

CGS2005/08 The Royal Burgh of Wick Community Council Paths Committee
Wick South Head Path - Phase 3. Artists Fin Macrae and Brodie Nairn transformed the nineteenth century Ice Store by installing and illuminating metal gates.

CGS2005/10 Cromarty Action for Young People
A lovely seating area was created within the garden at CAYP's East Hall, inspired by the marine mammals of the Moray Firth. The form and design of the seats were taken from drawings, stories and discussions with children as part of a project on marine mammals in the Moray Firth.

CGS2005/13 Whitehills & District Community Council
The Whitehills Heritage Trail was completed on time and ended up being a far more ambitious project than the original proposal. The MFP grant was used to created a signposted heritage trail around the village to give details of the maritime traditions and relationship with the firth.

CGS2005/14 Portsoy Maritime Heritage
Restoration of a Zulu Boat – the grant monies were put towards the sail and rigging. Work to date includes a new keel and stern posts built of oak and tarred in the fashion of traditional boat building. The boat is stable and supported by props. Some planking has been cut and shaped ready to fix. As Spring approaches the project volunteers will be able to spend additional time to continue with the main timber work. The rubbing down, antifouling, painting and general works do not need so much specialist time and can be completed prior to the launch at the 2006 Boat Festival.

CGS2005/17 The Wick Society
The Society purchased media boards for the internal walls of the Lifeboat Shed to display maps of old fishing grounds and places of maritime interest around the Wick area. External signage was provided and general maintenance regarding replacement guttering and re-painting etc was undertaking to enable opening the Lifeboat Shed to the public. Powerpoint presentations and booklets promoting the assistance of the partnership in the project have been produced. The Group report that the summer season was incredibly busy and the Isabella Fortuna and crew went to various harbour events and featured on Songs of Praise!

CGS2005/18 Burghead Headland Trust
The MFP grant was used to purchase a television with integral DVD player to allow the Trust to play the film ‘The Burning of the Clavie’ for visitors to the Centre. It has proved cery popular and the picture below shows a group of local children viewing the film. The remainder of the grant was spent on professional printing and laminating of old Burghead maps. The maps are A1 size and have the MFP logo in the corner. Copies were sent to the Partnership. It has been noted that these items have greatly improved the visitors experience at the Centre.

CGS2005/20 The Scottish Traditional Boat Festival
Reproduction of a Spey Coracle for the 2005 Scottish Traditional Boat Festival as an example of a traditional craft with a strong local historic link. Two models were produced, a half size one for use at the festival and a full size reproduction that is currently on loan to the Elgin Museum but will have a permanent home in the Portsoy Salmon House. The support of the Partnership was displayed at the Festival and in the Festival Programme.

CGS2005/22 Caithness Countryside Volunteers
A workshop was delivered to give information on the local otters. The workshop included showing slides and exhibits. A light lunch was provided followed by an outdoor session at Wick River and harbour. Twenty people attended and the local newspaper ran a press release. The feedback indicated that otter awareness was raised and the advice on how to track and identify was particularly well received.