INNS Awareness Raising Materials

The GB Non Native Species Group have recently re-printed a number of materials which may be of use to Local Action Groups for raising awareness of the Check Clean Dry and Be Plant Wise campaigns. Links are given below.

Check Clean Dry: A4 laminated posters; Leaflets for anglers; Leaflets for boat users

Waterproof stickers for use on angling and boating equipment to remind users to Check, Clean, Dry

Be Plant Wise: Leaflets; Be Plant Wise kits (each kit contains leaflets, five A3 posters, two A3 correx boards, shelf barkers, two lanyards for staff, and lilypads)

Other resources: Fold out ID guides for 10 invasive aquatic speciesID sheets (available for 60+ species)

Alert posters: The Student Invasive Non-native Group (SINNG) at Cornwall College have produced two card games – Invasive Species Compendium (similar to pairs) and Alien Invaders (similar to Top Trumps). The Secretariat have copies of each in stock, and are keen to get these out into schools and youth groups. If you would like any of the resources above, please get in touch with Lucy Cornwell by   

or on 01904 406613.  Note there is no charge for materials or postage. Your local INNS contact is Jonathan Willet, Biodiversity Officer (job-share Monday, Tuesday, alternate Wednesdays) Telephone: 01463 702274.

Scottish Natural Heritage has also published advice to the owners and operators of small harbours, visitor moorings, mooring associations, boatyards, marinas and slipways to help them prepare a Marine Biosecurity Plan to prevent the introduction of Non-Native Species (NNS). Once NNS become established, they can threaten the diversity of life in seas and coasts, as well as impacting on livelihoods and sport, leisure and enjoyment of the marine environment. 17 marine NNS are already known to be established in Scotland. The guidance can be downloaded via this link.