Company Documents

Here you can access the latest company documents including:

Business and Work Plan 2012 - 2013
The Moray Firth Partnership business plan and work programme for 2012/13 shows our key objectives and wide-ranging activities for the coming year. The plan also includes information about past work and links to other stakeholder organisation priorities.

Report of the Directors and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2011 (246kb pdf)
The statement of accounts and balance sheet of the Partnership for the period ended 31 March 2011 with the reports of the Board of Directors and Independent Financial examiners.  These accounts were presented to members at the AGM in December 2011.

In brief, in 2010/11 the Partnership raised £49,154 in direct core funding and £32,822 in projects, giving a total of £81,976 compared to £151,918 in the previous year. The main core expenditure for the year of £68,337 is inclusive of 2 full time staff plus ongoing management costs such as office, accounting and company secretarial fees. Total resources expended covering restricted (project) and unrestricted (core) funds were £112,157.

The resulting figures for 2011 - the "net movement in funds" - show the Partnership paid out £30,181 more than it received in for the year, giving a deficit on restricted project funds of £20,213 and on core funds of £9,968. The deficit on project funding is a timing issue based on the receipt of funds, as the projects are not running at a loss. The deficit on the unrestricted, core funding however, was met by a reduction in core cash reserves.

The balance sheet shows that core reserves for the year 2010/11 totalled £64,298.  £50,266 was cash at bank and debtors of £17,433, less creditors due of £3,401.

Memorandum and Articles of Association (pdf download)
Together these documents form the MFP's constitution.   The memorandum of association was issued as part of the company formation process. This document is effectively the MFP's lists of rules and regulations by which it will be governed.  The Memorandum contains information on the MFP's registered office, purpose of the company and a statement describing the liability of the shareholders or members and any limits thereon.

The Articles of association sets out the rules for how the MFP directors may run the company.  The Association sets out rules on a broad range of internal activities, including relating to the conduct of general meetings, powers of directors, shares, minutes of meetings, procedures for paying dividends and generally how MFP should properly conduct its administrative tasks.