Invasive Non Native Species

Non-native plant and animal species are one of the greatest threats to biodiversity worldwide. They can have negative impacts on native species and can threaten whole ecosystems causing serious problems to both the environment and the economy. In Scotland, there is a growing problem with marine invasive non-native species. Read more....

The Highland Invasive Species Forum defines Invasive Species as those that are not native to the Highlands and damage native biodiversity. Viruses, bacteria, etc, are not considered, as they fall under the remit of animal health and have considerable resources targeted at them. It was agreed that the group would prioritise action on those non-native species that are most damaging to biodiversity.  Four leaflets were produced in late 2009 to raise awareness of some of the key invasive non-native species in Highland. To download these documents click on the links:

General  Knotweed Mink Rhododendron

The Marine Life Information Network for Britain and Ireland ( MarLIN ) provides information for marine environmental management, protection and education. It is a centre of excellence in spatially based and time-series marine biological information and supports good stewardship in the marine environment. Marine aliens website link.

The GB non-native species secretariat website provides information about invasive non-native species, work that is being done to tackle them across Great Britain, and provide tools to facilitate those working in this area.  The site also contains a species information portal containing facts and distribution maps for over 3000 non-native species.

Joint Nature Conservancy Council Marine Invasive Species page Link

Mink/Water Voles web link