Marine Scotland

Marine Scotland is the Scottish Government Directorate responsible for the integrated management of Scotland's seas.  Established on 1 April 2009, Marine Scotland brings together the functions and resources of the previous Scottish Government Marine Directorate, the Fisheries Research Services (now Marine Scotland Science) and the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency (now Marine Scotland Compliance). 

Marine Scotland has responsibility for a number of marine and fisheries issues, some of which are listed below. If you click on the links, you will be taken to the section of the Scottish Government website that explains more.  Marine Scotland also have an excellent range of publications, leaflets and topic sheets both current and those produced by the former Fisheries Research Services (FRS). (For any other Scottish Government publication that was published before April 2009 (pre-Marine Scotland), including those relating to marine and fisheries issues, please visit the official Scottish Government Publications pages).

Marine Planning and Legislation
Responsible for ensuring that decisions about marine developments and activities are collaborative, open and transparent.
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Marine Energy
The seas around Scotland have the potential to provide a sustainable, renewable energy source with up to a 25% of Europe's tidal power and 10% of its wave power and around 25% of the European offshore wind resource potential.
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Licensing Policy
There are a number of different types of licensing requirements within the marine environment, but Marine Scotland has made a number of changes to simplify the existing licensing process and more streamlined licensing will be developed over the coming months.
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Responsible for deterring and detecting illigitimate activities through effective compliance and enforcement arrangements.  Related topic content: Satellite monitoring, Recent enforcement activity and Reporting suspicious activity.
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Responsible for providing science and research that is respected, relevant and responsive. Related topic content: publications, Marine Scotland Interactive and Research.
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Sea Fisheries Policy
Responsible for promoting sustainable, profitable and well managed fisheries in Scotland. Related topic content: Inshore Fisheries, Quota Management and Fishing Vessel Licensing.
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Farmed Fish and Shellfish
Includes Fish Health Inspectorate, Fish and Shellfish farming and  Aquaculture development.
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Responsible for supporting all parts of Marine Scotland in carrying out its functions. Related topic content: Vision, Strategic Plan 2010-2013 and Senior Management.
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Consultation exercises are undertaken by Scottish Government to provide opportunities for those who wish to express their opinions on a proposed area of work and to do so in ways which will inform and enhance that work. Consultation exercises may involve seeking views in a number of different ways, such as written papers, public meetings, focus groups, questionnaire exercises or on-line discussion forums.  The views and suggestions detailed in consultation responses are analysed and used as part of the decision-making process. The current consultations being undertaken by Marine Scotland are linked to here.  The Scottish Government website has a full list of all closed consultations and a listing of forthcoming consultations. The "closed" section will, in the future, provide details about the outcome of consultations and have links to any reports produced from the consultation exercise.