Sectoral Interactions Matrix

The Moray Firth Partnership, along with other coastal partnerships, are contributing to work at the local level in preparation for the Scotland Marine Plan and forward local marine planning. We have been asked by Marine Scotland to formalise information we already hold and to consult with other stakeholders to pull together a picture of how different sectors see themselves interacting with other sectors and interests across the marine and coastal environment.

To ensure this information compatible at a national level, all areas have created a matrix based on the pilot matrix developed by the Clyde SSMEI project. The Clyde matrix can be viewed here. The sector listings have been tailored to reflect the unique situation in the Moray Firth.

Although it looks rather complex at first glance, the matrix helps capture information on the nature, extent, intensity and compatibility of interactions among key sectors and activities within the Firth, both now and as predicted to develop over the coming 5 – 10 years. This will provide a useful tool for all Moray Firth stakeholders and Marine Scotland to look strategically at the local situation on a cross-sector basis, as well as showing where there is a lack of data that needs to be addressed.

We already have a lot of background information from previous studies and existing management initiatives, such as the SAC Management Scheme and Action Plan, the Moray Firth Management Guidelines, the SEPA River Basin Management Plans, the Biodiversity Action plans, the MFP Marine Recreation and Tourism study, Bottlenose Dolphin Economic Survey and other key studies, that have helped us develop the basic matrix.

Progress Update at July 2012
A significant amount of stakeholder input has gone into creating the Moray Firth strategic Sectoral Interactions Matrix, creating another step towards developing a local marine plan for the Moray Firth. Following consultation with industry and sector representatives, the sectoral interests and activities have been refined to reflect the Moray Firth's key features and the first phase of the matrix and supporting report is complete.  Work will continue work on this in 2012/13, to delve behind some of the issues and opportunities noted and to start mapping the results more clearly, both geographically and temporally. This further work has already been welcomed by the SAC Management Group, which sees this as a useful tool to inform work on the SAC area planning guidance.

Planned work for 2012/2013
To complete a second stage Sectoral Interactions Matrix for the Moray Firth. This will include more detailed consideration of some key issues / opportunities identified during the first stage matrix work completed in October 2011. Work will continue on gathering supporting data through interviews / collaboration with stakeholders, and first steps made to incorporate spatial and temporal mapping data. Mapping will initially be done on a low-tech basis until a commonly accessible GIS or other mapping system has been agreed. Any GIS data will be gathered in a compatible format to be added subsequently, or potentially as a layer in the Marine Scotland National Marine Planning Interactive GIS system.