Beatrice Demonstrator

Different types of industries working together is nothing new for the Moray Firth!!  Talisman Energy (UK) Ltd and Scottish and Southern Energy came together in 2004 to consent and build an offshore wind farm demonstrator site near to the Beatrice Oil Platform. The Beatrice demonstrator project successfully delivered 2 x 5MW turbines, the first of their kind in deep water. This demonstrator project was at the forefront of design by using jacket substructures based on oil and gas technology together with a soft landing engineered solution which resulted in the turbines being assembled on shore at the Nigg Yard and then lifted out into the Moray Firth in one piece.

The Beatrice Demonstrator Project comprised a series of “first ever” feats never before attempted offshore, including:

The first ever use of the world’s largest wind turbines (5MW) offshore,

The first ever use of a “jacket” sub-sea structure for an offshore wind turbine,

The first ever deployment of a wind turbine distant from shore in deepwater (45 metres),

The first ever assembly of a turbine, tower, hub, and blades onshore for installation in one piece offshore

The first ever offshore installation from a floating vessel, and

The development of a safe, ladder-less access system

The Beatrice Windfarm Scoping Document and the non-technical summary which provides an overview of the project can both be downloaded free of charge.