Moray Firth Directory

The MFP first developed a Moray Firth Directory in 1997 as a printed guide to organisations that use and manage the marine and coastal resources of the Moray Firth. With details of around 200 organisations, the Directory proved to be a valuable means of establishing contacts and gathering information. Updating the hard copy directory proved impossible, so the capability of creating an e-version of the Moray Firth Directory was included within the software when the MFP electronic contacts database was created in 2006.

The new web-enabled Moray Firth Directory will be a key feature of the work planned to extend the range and quality of data available on the MFP website , providing a “one stop shop” guide to the main managers, planners, licensing bodies and users of the Firth. The Moray Firth Directory will provide a useful tool for our stakeholders and those with an interest in proposals for the Firth - combining what is effectively a “Who’s Who” and a “Sea and Shore Data Store” for Firth related matters

The Directory will help clarify the roles, responsibilities and activities of the organisations with an interest in development in the Firth and where appropriate, identify who holds up-to-date information on any particular aspect of the Firth.

Each organisation's entry, as well as containing contact details, would include information on the nature of their work, such as; area of operation; size; guiding legislation; licensing or other management functions; relevant key partners; funding sources; and publications / information sources which may be available.