More Information on the Moray Firth Catchment Area

Flood Risk Management
The Flood Risk Management Act (Scotland) Act 2009 (FRM Act) introduced a co-ordinated partnership approach to how flood risk is tackled in Scotland. Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Water and local authorities have been working closely to improve knowledge and understanding of flooding impacts.

Flood Hazard Maps
Publishing flood maps is a key milestone of the FRM Act and will help towards Scotland’s first co-ordinated national plans to tackle flood risk. Launched on 15 January 2014 the flood maps are a comprehensive national source of data on flood hazard and risk and include information on different types and likelihoods of flooding. The maps are available to increase awareness and understanding of flooding. They are a tool to promote an individual's responsibilities for their own flood protection and preparation. To view the flood hazard maps please click here.

Flooding: Who Can Help
We are responsible for protecting ourselves, our property and possessions from flooding. The following links show you what help is available from public bodies:  SEPA    Scottish Water   Scottish Government

River Basin Management Planning

North Highland RBMP AAG map

The Moray Firth is covered by two river basin management plans, North Highland and North East Scotland, as shown in the maps here.

For more information please click on the maps. 

The management plans for each area can be viewed and downloaded from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency website.

North East Area Advisory Group

Scottish Natural Heritage Information Service

Mouth of the Spey Bay Catchment (c) Scotavia Images

Use SNHi to find out more about the natural heritage near you and across Scotland.

SNH has collected data and information on many aspects of Scotland's environment on species, habitats, special sites, landscapes, wild land, access, recreation, geology and landforms. Applications have been developed to allow easy access to the information you may want to view and download.