MFP Resources

Resources administered by the Partnership includes the 'Under the Surface' banners and posters, Beach Clean Kits and Packs, Dolphin Space Programme publications and resources and the Sea Chest.

'Under the Surface' Banners - 2 sets of 20 external banners and 5 sets of 50cm internal poster banners depicting images of life under the surface of the Moray Firth.


Beach Guardians Beach Clean Kits - 3 kits available to schools and community groups wanting to carry out beach cleans. Each kit includes 12 litter pickers, first aid kit, flourescent jackets, gloves, bags, wetwipes, scales, clipboard and pens. 


Beach Guardians (web link) produced a number of downloadable resources for children including worksheets, quizes and word searches.  Go to the Beach Guardian pages for more information.


Learning Zone: The Moray Firth Partnerships interactive web pages for children.


Dolphin Space Programme publications library (web link)

Watching Wisely sheets (198kb pdf) - we have lots of laminated copies of these in the office - please do get in touch if you would like some for distribution.


Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society 'Dolphin Diploma': An Activity Pack for Teachers. A Dolphin Diploma is an award for children. It shows that the participant has a good knowledge of dolphins, and certifies that he / she has been actively involved in the protection of dolphins. 


"A Really Wicked Wildlife Tour of the Moray Firth" Children's booklet, copies available from the Partnership office and can be downloaded here as a pdf for you to print off.  Please note this is a large file (5.6MB).


SNH Sea Chest Available for loan from MFP and various other outlets around the Moray Firth.


SNH Slide pack “Let’s Look at the Moray Firth” - 40 slides on a variety of themes, together with accompanying teacher’s notes.


SNH Pack - “Boats, Barnacles and Basking Sharks” A classroom pack aimed at 9 – 14 year olds, which explores the interdependence of people and the sea, around the Moray Firth.