Things to See and Do

The Moray Firth provides a host of opportunities to get out and about and enjoy the wonderful natural environment and the many activities it offers. In this section you will find information and links to a selection of activities around the Firth.

The coastline is extensive, and has a rich diversity of places and wildlife to enjoy! Choose from a great variety of coastal and marine-based activities available, such as bird watching, sailing, kayaking and diving. Alternatively you can spend your day picnicking on the beach, flying a kite, or just walking your dog along the beautiful coastline.  The local authority ranger services have a great programme of activities.  See Outdoor Highlands, The Speyside Way and Aberdeenshire Council Ranger Service for more info. 

The area is also rich in cultural heritage, with ancient buildings, archaeology, harbours and villages, crafters and artists to discover. Find your own favourite local brewer or baker and seek out some delicious fresh seafood. Whatever your interest, there is a wide choice of places and activities to explore.

The Firth is a hub of enterprise and tourism. Come and get a close view of giant oilrigs and the worlds most prestigious cruise-liners berthed side by side.

To help you on your way around the Moray Firth you can search the Ordnance Survey Get-a Map site for small-scale maps (up to 1:25 000 scale) simply by entering the place name, full postcode or National Grid reference.

Wherever you go, please follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, which also applies to all inland water based non-motorised activities. Check the Codes of Conduct page for more guidance. A useful guide to staying safe on the water can be found here.

VisitScotland has an interactive map with more information on things to see and do in the main towns around the coast. For a selection of sites specific to the Moray Firth please use the linked images below or check our events calendar for current activities.

Volunteering Common Seal Walking Cycling
Fishing Watersports Beadlet Anemones Rock Climbing
  Sinclair and Girnigoe by Iain Sargeant Wool