Dolphin Echo 2005 - 2006

'Dolphin Echo' was produced by the MFP with funding from the BG Group.  This quarterly newsletter provided lively and current information for everyone with an interest in the Moray Firth dolphins, including news of research and project initiatives, details of the best places to see dolphins, information about impacts on the dolphins and how we can help safeguard them. Four editions were produced, each of which can be viewed and downloaded from the links below.

Issue 1 August 2005
Dolphin watching in the Moray Firth; 'Operation Fishnet'; 'Beach Guardians'; 'Dolphin Defenders'; 'Marine Connection'; Friends of the Moray Firth Dolphins; 'a day in the life of...a Marine Mammal Medic'; 'phototastic' dolphins; dolphin anatomy; how do dolphins play?; 'Seawatch Foundation' survey; Competition: win a boat trip; events; accredited boat operators; contact numbers; did you know?-dolphin facts

Issue 2 December 2005 (606kb pdf)
Social secrets of the Moray Firth dolphins; WDCS volunteers; dolphin papparazzi; 'Dolphin Space Programme'; marine code consultation; 'Seawatch Foundation'; SAC Veterinary Services; live strandings; beach litter; 'Dolphin Defenders'; 'a day in the life of...Co-ordinator of the Friends of the Moray Firth Dolphins'; 'British Divers Marine Life Rescue'; Competition: win a boat trip; spotting cetaceans; events; contact numbers; did you know?-dolphin facts

Issue 3 April 2006
In this issue find out why there are going to be lots more cetacean watching opportunities along the Moray Firth, how you can get involved in a new Sea Watch Group in Inverness, and what Fort George has to offer the cetacean watcher!

Issue 4 August 2006 (611kb pdf)
The fourth, and final, edition of the Dolphin Echo. In this issue find out how you can take part in a sea and land based cetacean - watching workshop, who thinks they’re a dolphin addict, how you can win goodies from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, and where the best places are to spot dolphins around the Moray Firth.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed articles, information and photographs to the Dolphin Echo. We hope you found the newsletters interesting, and that you have enjoyed reading them.