Renewable Energy

The seas around Scotland have the potential to take a global lead in the provision of marine renewable energy sources with an estimated potential of 25% of Europe’s offshore wind resource, 25% of its tidal power and 10% of its wave power.  The Scottish Government is committed to the development of a successful and sustainable offshore renewable energy industry in Scotland and has a stated target of meeting 100% of Scottish demand for electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

There are a range of issues and challenges being addressed by Scottish Government via projects established to provide solutions and support to partner organisations and Industry, and to progress the development of marine renewables. These include:

1. The development of Sectoral Marine Plans, which will be adopted into the statutory National and Regional Marine Plans

2. The delivery of a Marine Planning System and introduce best practice through efficiencies in licensing and consenting processes

3. Streamlining marine licensing

Planning - More about the future plans for offshore wind, wave and tidal activity.

Policy Background - Information and background details about policy initiatives to support offshore renewable energy.

Science and Research - Read about the latest science and research being undertaken.

The landward area is also likely to see a growth in the number of windfarms surrounding the Moray Firth. Tidal and wave power are still at the experimental stage, but may eventually be developed in parts of the Moray Firth. Click here for more information on marine renewable energy.      

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