About the Moray Firth Partnership

As the local coastal partnership for the Moray Firth and its 800kms of coastline, we are involved with a wide variety of issues, projects, and stakeholders. Our unique overview of the Moray Firth, its communities and businesses, allows us the privilege to work with a great range of people and ideas.

The Moray Firth Partnership plays a unique role as a neutral, independent charity in promoting and facilitating sustainable solutions to the marine and coastal challenges faced by the Moray Firth and its communities.

With our strategic overview of the area, we bring together a wide range of interested parties to increase our shared understanding, encourage joint working, and facilitate the development of long-term sustainable solutions.

The Moray Firth Partnership are looking forward to a new era. The Scotland-wide SCRAPbook marine litter project continues to be a successful and very intensive part of our operations, and we are now looking to build on that success with projects that consolidate our focus on the local area. We are currently undertaking a wide-ranging programme of modernisation and investing in systems and processes that will ensure we are ‘fit for purpose’ as we develop our ambitious 10-year forward plan.

Our current work includes:

Regional Marine Planning

Marine and coastal litter – as one of the main threats to all the world’s oceans, litter and pollution is as prevalent an issue in and around the Moray Firth as anywhere. We are working with several local and national groups to understand and tackle the problem strategically and collaboratively.

SCRAPbook is one of our key areas of work, using aeriel photography to find hidden litter on Scotland’s coastline.



Our ethos is to work collaboratively with stakeholders and partners around the Moray Firth area. The range of our work means this can be with communities, businesses, individuals, public bodies or industry groups – anyone with an interest in developing sustainable solutions for the Moray Firth and its communities.

Funding partners

The work of the Partnership would not be possible without the generous support we receive from Marine Scotland, Aberdeenshire Council, Chevron, and the Cromarty Firth Port Authority.

Project partners

We are undertaking new joint working with Sky Watch, Keep Scotland Beautiful and Fishing for Litter (KIMO) to help clean up the marine environment.

Sector partners

We take every opportunity to work closely with all other local coastal partnerships (LCPs) in Scotland to develop innovative solutions to project and funding challenges that we share.
Solway Firth Partnership  / Forth Estuary Forum  / East Grampian Partnership  / Tay Estuary Forum  / Clyde Marine Planning Partnership  (formerly Clyde Forum).

All LCPs are members of the Scottish Coastal Forum, which is the umbrella body for the sector.